Umleitungen und Hinweise

        Environment & sustainability

        The dictionary definition of sustainable is »of long duration«. The term comes from forestry. It means that you can only operate forestry over a long period of time if you only cut down as many trees as you replant – as a maximum. It’s quite obvious really: otherwise you’d have no forest left.


        But what does that have to do with BSAG? Well, it’s all about mentality. In forestry, many people live from the forest. Forest workers, foresters, hunters, sawyers, timber merchants, biologists and many more. They ensure that nothing happens to the forest – and if it does, they take steps to combat it. Foresters work sustainably take care of the forest’s entire system, which they maintain for the benefit of everyone. So sustainable thinking has many facets.


        Transferred to BSAG, it looks a bit like this: 


        The social dimension

        The ecological dimension

        The economic dimension

        Maintenance and increase in the performance and enthusiasm of all employees

        Moving an increasing number of people with a decreasing level of impact on the environment/ reducing energy consumption/ increasing energy efficiency

        Fulfilling the business plan to secure the company and its approx. 2,000 jobs.


        • Maintaining and promoting health among employees
        • Promoting reconciliation of work and family life
        • Supporting women
        • Committing to creating new areas of employment: Giving the long-term employed prospects
        • Training passenger assistants and civic workers
        • Providing training as qualified drivers
        • Offering a total of 100 apprenticeship places


        • Two hybrid buses of the latest generation under test
        • Two electric buses under test
        • 150 buses in accordance with the EEV standard
        • Trams GT8N-1 and GT8N generate electricity when braking
        • Since 2010, 100% of BSAG’s electricity has been eco-power
        • Three electric cars for internal use


        • Convincing more customers of what BSAG has to offer
        • Improving the quality of what is on offer
        • Influencing contractual partners to comply with minimum wages and social standards


        BSAG’s sustainability philosophy is firmly anchored in the company policy. BSAG regularly drafts accountability reports regarding the achievements, aims and measures of the sustainability programme. The business report and the sustainability report are from the same mould. In addition, the measures are checked by independent assessors.