Brief profile of BSAG

With 329 vehicles, Bremer Straßenbahn AG keeps Bremen moving every day with modern trams and buses.

We get almost 300,000 people a day comfortably, punctually and safely from A to B, as we place great emphasis on service and quality. Almost 2,000 employees work day and night to ensure this.

Around 56 per cent of BSAG’s employees are drivers, 13 per cent work in the workshops and repair/construction stations, a good 21 per cent work in administration and 9 per cent make up our group of apprentices and students. The company mirrors the composition of Bremen’s society. Men and women, experienced experts, beginners and people getting back into work: they all make up BSAG. 

Bremen and BSAG are closely linked: statistics show that every resident of Bremen travels the city 188 times a year by bus or tram. This means 103 million people being transported every year. BSAG is constantly improving what it has to offer, so that this figure will continue to rise.  

The company takes responsibility for matters that are important to the future. It supports the further expansion of infrastructure and promotes the development of new drive technologies. Mobility needs to become even cleaner and quieter - in a sustainable way, of course. BSAG is working on this for the good of Bremen.