FahrPlaner – the VBN journey planner app for your mobile

With the free VBN app, you will get the tram and bus timetables for Bremen and the whole of Lower Saxony, and even information on nationwide train connections. Journeys made by BSAG and a few other transport companies can already be viewed in real time. That means you can get accurate, up-to-the-minute information on whether your bus or train is on time or has been delayed. The app provides you with information about your nearest stops and stations, as well as info on fares for tickets in the VBN area.

And that’s not all: push updates will automatically inform you of delays on your selected route.

Please find below the information and downloads that you will need for the VBN app:
VBN app for Android
VBN app for iPad
VBN app for iPhone/iPod Touch
VBN app for Windows Phone
VBN app for Java