BSAG customer centres

Experience the world of BSAG at our BSAG customer centres, right in the city centre at Domsheide square and at the main train station as well as in Bremen Vegesack, on the station forecourt. 

Here you can buy all tickets, including MIA and BOB tickets, and get help and advice with any questions you may have about local public transport in Bremen. Our customer advisors will be happy to help you find the right ticket.

At the BSAG customer centres you will find:

  • all tickets for buses and trams within the local transport network
  • timetable leaflets, practical changeover maps, personal timetables, stop-specific timetables for your chosen stop
  • individual travel information, taking account of all modes of transport
  • tram and bus models for you to collect
  • give-aways - original BSAG